San Jose

Happy New Year!

I write this post from a Starbucks in San Jose, California, where my phone is currently being charged on a powermat while I drink my coffee, eat my muffin, and people watch. The rich people are about driving their fancy cars, parking out front Gucci and Tesla while they run their errands, while I carry a backpack, have frizzy hair thanks to the rain that has finally graced California, and wear polka dot leggings. I have never looked less like I belong. No matter, I can pretend I have money when I walk into Kate Spade to adore their wallets. They don’t know that I will quietly slip out when I relize how poorly my Canadian dollar is compared to the US...

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Sorry for the massive delays! Since my last quick update, I’ve been to the UK (Ireland, Scotland and England) and New York City, so life has been happening too quickly! I promise to have some new (real updates) this week.  Here’s one photo of my friend and I at the Statue of Liberty (it’s not easy to get a selfie with Lady Liberty!)



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Peru, my new love <3

Sorry for the lack of updates! I’m just back from an amazing 17 days in Peru where I successfully hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and visited the Amazon Jungle. I have a whack of stories/info/food to recommend and will work on getting that info up as soon as possible!


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Olympic Gold in Glasgow


I truly believe you are never more patriotic than when you are away from your home country. I have always loved Canada and have always been proud to be Canadian, but since I moved away all those years ago, my pride has soared and I have a smile on my face as soon as I hear my country mentioned (except in the case of Rob Ford….we pretend like that wasn’t a thing). During the 2010 Winter Olympics, I was doing my teacher training in Glasgow with a group of (approximately) 20 other Canadians and as soon as we heard the good news that our Hockey Teams were in the finals, facing the Americans of all teams, we arranged to watch them, no matter what the time, together. The women’s team won the gold with no real worry (unlike the 2014 Olympics….) and all that was left was the men to win...

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Icelandic Food

The sauce you cannot leave the country without!

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I love food and I love trying new things. When I travel, I really try hard to eat only local food and things I don’t think I’ll be given the opportunity to try again. Iceland offers some of the most amazing food I’ve ever had. Before we left, I did some research into Icelandic food to see what I was in for and what I needed to try and came up with two lists; 1) Food I must eat and 2) The not on your life list. The later list included such things as boiled goat head, horse, rams testicles, fermented shark and black licorice. Blah. Icelandic people love their black licorice! It’s everywhere and even in chocolate. Personally, I hate the stuff, but if it’s up your alley, Iceland is your heaven.

Many of the amazing things to eat could be bought in ...

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I’m really excited about this! I’m currently working on and learning how to edit the many, many videos I’ve taken over the years. I recently got a Go Pro and honestly, I don’t know how I was able to go so long without it. My editing isn’t perfect yet and I’m still learning how to get the best shots, but I put together this video last night of my trip to Croatia last summer. One of my best friends got married there so the 7 of us you’ll see in the video went on a week long adventure before meeting up with her in Dubrovnik. Seriously, one of the most stunning countries ever! I’ll add some blogs to my time in Croatia as soon as I can! If you have any tips or comments, please let me know, I’d love to learn anything I can. You can find the video at:

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The Blue Lagoon

Cloudy skies start clearing up

What’s blue, geothermal, and once of the most beautiful locations in Iceland? If you guessed The Blue Lagoon, you would be right! The Blue Lagoon is about an hour drive outside of Reykjavik and no matter what the weather, it can’t help but put a smile on your face.

Your bus drops you off in the parking lot where you follow a winding path towards the entrance. As the front doors approach, you catch your first glimpse of the light blue water and your excitement starts to rise. You take the obligatory photos of water the entrance not realizing how many you’ll take once you go through the back door or how much bluer the water will be when you see it as a whole. Depending which entry option you select, you’ll be given your wristband and continue to the changing rooms...

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Helloooooo Queenstown!

Hands down, my most favourite place in New Zealand is Queestown. The downtown core, the adventurous things to do, and the scenery make this city something you absolutely cannot miss! If you are an adrenaline junkie, it is definitely the city for you. Literally every other store is offering you a once in lifetime opportunity, so if you ever dreamed of skydiving, white water rafting, bungee jumping, zip-lining, riding in a helicopter, or swinging from the biggest swing in the world, Queenstown will fulfill all your desires.

As soon as you step off the plane, you are greeted by the most beautiful mountains, and no matter how tired you are, they will rejuvenate your spirit and make you want to explore...

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Sports in Melbourne


Do you like sports? Do you like not having to travel far to see tons of live events? I know my answer is a big fat yes to both those questions and if you answered the same, you need to be in Melbourne. In one year I had the privilege of attending AFL games, a Socceroo World Cup Qualifier, The Ashes Test in Cricket, and the Australian Tennis Open; not to mention the golf tournaments and the Ice Hockey games that I just missed out on. It’s no wonder that Melbourne has been called one of the World’s Ultimate Sports Cities! Living next to Etihad Stadium was a dream especially when an event was being held there...

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You can see me sloshing around in there

One of the fun things to do in Rotorua is to go zorbing. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s when you go into a giant, inflatable ball and roll down a hill. Yes, it’s that simple and yes, it’s that much fun. There are two kinds of zorbing you can do; the dry run and the wet run. Because this particular day was quite rainy and cold, Sarah and I decided to do the dry run so we wouldn’t freeze on the bus ride back to the hostel. One snag that you should know about (and when isn’t there a snag when I’m involved?) is that there are some height restrictions if you want to do the dry zorb. Because you are strapped into the ball, rather than loose like in the wet run, you have to be a minimum of 1.6 metres...

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